Welcome to NIKAO

We are the family at the center of the great food revolution. To create a positive effect on the future Since the Sacha inchi provides high levels of Omega 3 – 6 – 9. It is a requirement of the whole world, Inca is a legume. Our values come from our loving & passionate core team : Sustainable Agriculture / Economic Justice / Cultural Rights / Healthy Living. We empower indigenous farmers while providing you with pure nutrition. With your support, we can create a better future for all.

Sacha Inchi Story

The story of NIKAO Organics’ Thailand Sacha Inchi holds a special place in our hearts. To thousands of people, Sacha Inchi is more than a powerhouse of nutrition. To the thousands of people involved in its cultivation, Sacha Inchi is a seed of hope – for economic freedom, for empowerment, and prosperity across generations.


A Seed of Hope

The seed starts in the mountainous regions of pristine rainforests, where families are beginning to grow and harvest Sacha Inchi. The villagers in many of these impoverished communities have never had a job, farmed a cash crop, or had any source of income (which means they had no access to medicine, mobility, or even basic human necessities). Sacha Inchi creates an economic opportunity for thousands of people, where none previously existed.


Good product good life

Good quality of life is good health. Consequently, we NIKO are committed to producing consistently high quality products. To meet the needs of customers. We have two manufacturing plants at Mae Taeng district, Chiang Mai. And crack are white Sacha Inchi seeds. Delivered to Factory 2, Support Pack Co., Ltd. (Which is our partner). To enter the real cold press process. To get the Omega Oil, both of these plants are international standards. To get products derived from nature. 100% to customer And we will continue to improve our existing products.