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Nikao is a sustainable, intentional company that specializes in the import and distribution ethically sourced from small-scale organic farmers around the world. We are committed to work directly with farmers, cooperatives, and like-minded companies to grow abundance for all people on the planet. Nikao strives to build a synergy between local agricultural economies and the global marketplace; providing living wages and socio-economic opportunities for international and Thai farmer a like. Our business is guided by a team of inspired, who value environmental preservation, social justice, and healthy living. We want to promote a lifestyle of gratitude , intention, and integrity that centers around the nutrition we choose for our bodies.

Our Mission


To provide the highest quality organic, sustainably harvested foods to nourish the people and provide living wages and socio- economic opportunities for small farmers.

“We must strive to preserve the Earth’s abundance for future generations.”

Team Management

With the long vision of the management. Combined with the good intentions of creating a thriving organization in the health food business, we have selected not only “good” but “best” supplements, with modern standards, safe and nutrient-rich. The full benefit In order to help push the body is strong. Forward to good quality of life. We are committed to be a global leader in food supplements.




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Team Staff

We support staffing and professional development continuously. Build a team of international quality. Caring for customers at all levels.