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NIKAO COPORATION was officially launched on October 9, 2014 at the Amarin Pattaya Hotel, Chonburi.
At the show, the company’s products, such as cosmetics and nutritional supplements, are also displayed. Learn about nanotechnology innovation. To the attendees.

NIKAO company has sold the product. Dealer It has been introduced. Top selling distributors Go to Hong Kong to meet and relax.

NIKAO company has realized. The health of the elderly has made the project “to know to eat to be diabetic” by finding the high. Diabetic age comes into the project. By giving the elderly a six-month product of the company, with a monthly physical examination. To measure Change of body without loss Spend time throughout the project.

NIKAO has promoted. And educate about the benefits of bean star oil in order to maximize consumer benefits. There are seminars in Loei province and Loei province to access. The villagers in general.